9 benefits of online marketing
March 18, 2022

Benefits of online marketing

Picture this: you have a burning question about something completely bizarre, or you can’t remember the name of that actor from the movie you just watched, or you want to get your nails done somewhere new BUT you have no internet to help you find what you’re looking for. Not because you’ve run out of data or because the wifi’s not working, just because there is. no. internet. (Shudders)

Isn’t it crazy to think that this was once a reality; that a few years back, we didn’t have an abundance of information at our fingertips. The world wide web has completely revolutionised the last 33 years (yes it’s that old!). So much so that the thought of a disconnected, non-instant world has become foreign to us. Ask any kids nowadays to get through a week, in fact even a day, without a device to swipe.

The internet is at the centre of most of what we do today and that includes how we do business and market our business. 

You have probably heard the terms online or digital marketing used frequently. In this blog post we’re going to share with you the top 9 benefits of online marketing and how the internet has become our greatest tool.

1. Getting on the Top 

91% of people use search engines to find information before any active sales process . And a further 95% of searchers don’t look past the results on the first page of a search engine . So if your site or content isn’t coming up on the first results page, it’s not being seen. Online marketing, more specifically SEO (Sales Engine Optimisation) can assist you with getting your website to the top of Google  or Bing. Being in the right place does make a difference on being seen and this in turn will greatly increase your site traffic and online presence.

2. Online all-the-time

World wide exposure and access 24 hours a day, anyday, from anywhere. 

One of the best things about online marketing is that your audience is not confined by geography. While one half of the world sleeps, the other half is online and seeing your content. This means that your campaigns can run 24 hours, 7 days a week without you wasting money on ‘offline’ hours. 

People can engage with your content how and when it is convenient to them. This empowers your audience which is bound to lead to more engagement. 

3. Visibility

Online marketing allows for visibility of services and products around the world! Wherever there is internet, your offerings can be seen and engaged with . So think beyond just your country because the internet erases all geographic boundaries for your target audience. 

4. It’s Greener

Less traditional advertising means less printing. Less trees coming down and less chemicals in the atmosphere and ecosystem. We’re very on board with anything that’s eco-friendly. 

5. Be everywhere your clients look

Ever heard the old marketing phrase ‘be where your target audience is looking’? Well these days, the first place they’re looking is online. Your potential clients could be looking for your goods and services anywhere from social media and search engines to online reviews. So it is important that your online presence extends across various platforms.

We know that word of mouth is an incredibly valuable tool for marketing. These days however, it is only the first step in the process of evaluating a business. The second is to take to the internet to confirm the business’s professionalism and offerings. 

6. It’s Cheaper

Think of all the money saved on travel costs, printing and distribution etc. While traditional marketing definitely still has a place for some businesses, others may benefit more from using those funds for online marketing tools. 

7. Global relationships

Online marketing allows you to connect with customers all around the world. We can’t say this enough! You can create new relationships far and wide and also nurture existing relationships from a distance. 

8. Direct Targeting

Online marketing allows you to target a highly specific audience or niche group through marketing tools. The mystery of Google Ads and other tools help greatly. This is amazing as it ensures that the people you want to be seeing your content, will see it. 

9. Measurable and Trackable

It can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of a traditional marketing campaign. Online, however, uses tools which allow businesses to track and measure their results. (Analytics anyone? )This ability to measure your efforts accurately is an extremely valuable tool as it provides information on how to move  forward and avoid wasting resources on a strategy that isn’t working or needs a new focus. 

The internet has broadened our mind and our marketing abilities hugely and online marketing is an ever-evolving, ever-improving dynamic tool. It’s important to stay updated as things change so quickly. 

If you’re looking for assistance with your online marketing, have a look at our services in this area. And if you found this blog post interesting, hit the subscribe button to read more like this. 

Check out how old the internet is in days!

Kayla Manfredo


Kayla is our head designer and blog post gal. She works hard every week to bring you new and exciting posts along with Vanessa, who talks about marketing, and Mirko, who talks about buisness.


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