Why It’s Important for your startup to have a website.
January 7, 2022

Reasons websites are important:

Are you a start-up considering whether or not you need a website? (you do) Or a business that needs to increase turnover? Or even a business that’s happy with your current flow of clients and doesn’t think you need a website? (you need it) Well, if you are – and even if you’re not – we need to have a chat about why you definitely DO need the website, wait did we say that already?. 

We’ve heard all the reasons why you don’t think your company needs a website, 

“it’s too expensive”, 

“we have enough business without it”, 

“we’re still growing” 

and all the other nonsensical excuses (not to be harsh, but also to be harsh). You need the website, trust me. 

Not having a website is costing you time, money and a lot of business! A website can be the difference between a super successful year and a year where you barely break even. So let’s get into a couple of ways that having a website can benefit your business.


A website gives your business credibility, you’re saying here we are, this is what we do and here’s how to get in touch. Consumers are super sceptical these days, and with so many scammers out there, we don’t blame them. According to Verisign 56% of people stated that they don’t trust a business without a website, and that’s A LOT of missed business! You don’t want people thinking that your business is dodgy, or a side hustle you don’t take seriously, and have them too scared to even contact you (you know the ones).

It’s highly likely that there are other businesses offering similar services to yours and they probably have a website by now (that’s us hinting that you’re behind 😉). Having a website that clearly communicates who you are and what you do can be the difference between you and your competitors.

Your credibility can also come from displaying reviews and testimonials of your awesome service from customers. This ‘social proof’ makes people trust your company and who doesn’t love a good brag, am I right? 

Brand Identity

Like we said, there’s likely a bunch of other businesses offering the same services or products as you – that’s why your brand identity is so important! Your brand is what is going to set you apart from the rest, and a website is the first and best place to show your brand off.

Your website gives customers an insight into your company by showing them what you stand for, what you offer and who you really are. 

Having a website that shows off your brand identity is likely to convert more of your referrals too! People tend to do their own research and will compare you to your competitors. So, if your services are the same and your prices similar – it’s your personality and brand image that are going to secure the customer. Oh yes, work your stuff website – we see you!

COVID-19 and First Impressions

These days, your website is your first impression. Think of the delicious smell of freshly baked bread when you pass by a bakery that draws you in and has you leaving with a lot more than bread, or the fresh smell that emanates from a florist that makes you unable to resist buying those really expensive flowers. A website is the online equivalent. You need something that’s going to grab people, entice them and ultimately lead to a purchase. 

In our everything-online-COVID-19 society, that first impression matters more than ever! So flaunt your stuff!

Attract more customers

We often hear the classic ‘we have enough business, we don’t need a website’. Umh, what? Enough business? What’s that?? We don’t believe in enough business, and that’s why we’re in the business of web design. Having a website makes you visible on Google which means more people know about who you are and what you do.

Having a well-done SEO-optimized website can also help your rankings on a Google search. So when people search for a product or service that you offer, you could be in the top results, and increase your customer base! 

And hey, even if you are happy with the current size of your business, you’ll still experience turnover. Having a website is a secure and reliable way to ensure continued success by attracting new customers. 

Website= Lead Generation

It can be really difficult for a startup to find good quality leads (believe us, we know). But a well-designed and optimized website is literally going to do the work for you! 

It’s just there, online, doing its thing 24/7 – the customers will come to you! Sit back, have a coffee – business is on the way.

Establish your place in the industry

If your competitors are a little slow to the game and don’t have a website yet, they’ll surely catch on soon. But while they’re still sleeping JUMP on the opportunity to build a quality website first and position yourself as the leader in your industry. We live for that real boss energy.

If your competitors do have a website, don’t panic, you can use that to your advantage too! You can have a website that is completely different to your competitors and highlights your uniqueness, making you stand apart and win over potential customers.

This is again, an awesome way to leverage your brand identity and image. Are you getting the picture yet?

Encourage Contact trough your website

There’s nothing more annoying than looking up a company by name or trade and finding no way to contact them (same dodgy, side hustle energy – no thanks). Know what that means – they will move on, straight into the open arms of your competitor and you will be left with lots and lots of lost business (try say that fast 4 times). But an investment into getting your website up and running will secure those searches!

Other than providing contact details to customers, your website is a constant 24/7 point of contact for your business. Even outside of business hours, a website gives you a constant online presence that just can’t be matched by a Monday-Friday, 9-5 call operator. 

The options are ample, think chatbots, FAQ’s, contact forms. 

Sooo, did we convince you? Are you picking up your phone to give us a call for your new website right now? 

We hope we’ve made you realize that you literally cannot afford to not have a website in this digital era! If ‘get a website’ is on your business goals for the year, move it to the top – that’s the priority.

If having your own website seems overwhelming have a look at our other resources like our blog post about website terminology

Kayla Manfredo


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